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Bloggers Page

Welcome to our Bloggers Page, where our readers post their digital diaries about caring for the land and celebrating its beauty. We’ve selected six outstanding examples. We hope you find them as informative and inspiring as we have.

Big Little Back Yard


A few years ago, Betty Hall and her husband, Harry, did what more people should be doing to their yards. They tore up most of the sod and re-landscaped their yard using native plants. Though only .2 acres, their back yard in Lexington, Ky., is huge in terms of the biodiversity it supports. An accomplished photographer as well as having a way with words, Betty records the ever-changing scenes at “Betty’s Back Yard Blog.”

Blogs and more from the Allens

John and Janet Allen share their experiences in stewardship and green living in his-and-her blogs from their home in Syracuse, N.Y. John blogs about growing some of the family’s food in their back yard fruit-and-vegetable garden http://my-edible-garden.blogspot.com. Janet blogs about their wildlife friendly habitat garden at http://ourhabitatgarden.blogspot.com. The Allens don’t stop there. John launched the website “Edible Gardening Central New York” http://www.egcny.org to help people learn from experts and each other how to grow healthy food in their own yard and community garden. Janet reaches out through “Stewardship Garden” http://www.ourhabitatgarden.org. The website centers on Janet’s wildlife habitat garden, which, she says,“ is full of life and the kind of place you, too, can have in your own yard.” .

Prairie Hill Farm Studio


Artist, photographer and tallgrass prairie restorationist Bruce Morrison lives and works on a farmstead in northwestern Iowa, centered among some of the finest examples of tallgrass prairie ecosystems in the Midwest. Even his farmstead has a prairie remnant, which he is restoring. Through his blog, Morrison shares his passion for his art and the tallgrass prairie.

Field Guide - Linda & Robert Scarth


Observations on Nature and Photography. Through insightful commentary and extraordinary photography, the Scarths provide a fresh look at the world around us. Every photograph is a work of art, whether of a common spider from their back yard or of overwintering monarch butterflies in Mexico.

A Prairie Haven - "Unfarming" in Western Wisconsin.


In 2000 Mike and Marcie O'Connor bought an old farm in western Wisconsin. With Marcie as the narrator, this blog recounts their adventures in bringing back the prairies and savannas that were here before it was farmed. Among the journal entries, read step-by-step accounts of their restoration work, from site preparation to seeding. Taking her camera wherever she goes, Marcie's excellent photographs add to her reports about their own land and what they see on their travels.

Savanna Trail Blazers


Bill and Sibylla Brown are writing a new chapter in savanna restoration with their trail-blazing work at Timberhill Farm in south-central Iowa. And now they’re putting that story online with a new blog and Web site. You’ll read how they’ve used frequent burns and other steps to turn degraded stands of woodland back into pre-settlement oak savannas. The effort has brought back a mind-boggling array of plant, fungi, insect, bird and animal species, meticulously documented by the Browns.

Dispatches from the Driftless


Denise Thornton shares the day-to-day challenges and the future that she and her husband envision for their 44 acres in southwestern Wisconsin. Follow them as they set about rescuing small prairie remnants and an oak savanna in this rugged part of Wisconsin that was bypassed by the glacier, making it part of the Driftless Area. A former newspaper reporter and now a freelance writer, Thornton uses her journalistic skills to report on a broad range of related environmental subjects, including green architecture, gardening and “living light on the land.”

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